Monday, December 9, 2013

Nothing Compares to a Girl's Best Friend.

Aw...Best Friends. Is there anything better than a best friend? Someone who just gets you, someone who laughs at your jokes, who knows your "looks" and what you're thinking without saying anything. Who will sit with you while you cry or go to that horribly embarrassing movie that you're secretly dying to see, and then never make you own up to it. Someone who brings you your favorite treat just because or perhaps a Redbull to work after a horribly rough night. Someone who always tells you that you look great but wouldn't hesitate to let you know you've got a piece of cilantro in your teeth. Someone you can burp around, who won't judge you for being ridiculous, and who won't even make you apologize for things said while PMSing. A friend who always shares their cookies and chocolate and without whom you'd feel utterly lost.

I have been best friends with my BFF since I was born. I know everyone (except the people that know us) are rolling their eyes right now, but it’s pretty close to the truth. I say “when I was born” because she is exactly 11 months, 1 hour and 40 something minutes older than me. She’s also my cousin (our moms are sisters) which is just about the coolest thing in the world. Not only is she flesh-and-blood family, so she understands all those things that only close relatives seem to get, but she’s also my best friend, and you know how girls are with their BFF’s. I’m not trying to brag, believe me, I know how blessed I am to have somehow won the lottery when it comes to BFF’s, but it’s kind hard not to. The first documentation of our friendship is a picture taken in 1989, she’s 2 and I’m 1, and she’s holding me on her lap. 

See. So technically, we’ve been friends since I was 1, but I’m pretty sure it started even before then. Would I let just any toddler hold my fragile little body in their arms? I think not. Anyways, we’ve been best friends ever since. We’ve spent most of our lives laughing and talking together, camping and going to theme parks, traveling to Mexico, and spending lazy days inside hosting “Movie Marathons”. We were inseparable as kids and teenagers, and even now, I can’t go a day without at least sending a small message. We’ve always joked that we’re “soul mates” and it’s true. As kids we’d dream of marrying guys that were best friends, and our kids would be best friends, and we’d live next door to each other and bring each other brownies…no joke, the brownie part is legit. We promised that we’d die together because neither one of us ever wanted to live without the other. We’re a package deal. We’re an epic story of friendship. Best friends forever.

I have many wonderful friends and I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I have several extremely close friends (besties!) who have deeply impacted my life and who I cannot go a day without talking to. I whole-heartedly believe these people have been put in my life by divine fate. Girlfriends are astronomically important to being happy. No one understands you like them. "Girls Nights" are practically uniform these days; I know I need them as part of my monthly (if not weekly) life, just to stay sane. You just need them! You need the companionship (which ISN'T the same with boyfriends/husbands/significant others/boys that are friends/dogs/ get the idea). You need the laughter, the fun, and the conversation! (And by conversation, I mean gossip and complaining! Because everyone needs to vent and that's what your BF's are for!)

It seems like it’s in our nature to create these long lasting friendships, to connect to people in meaningful and intimate ways. I love a good story about best friends, maybe because my own is so amazing and important to me. Even better are when the best friends on screen are best friends in real life! We’ve had some good ones over the years, and it got me thinking of the little things that make up, not just a friendship, but a BESTfriendship.

Best friends should always have at least one choreographed dance together.

I love Something Borrowed. Not just because Kate Hudson is my homegirl and Ginnifer Goodwin is adorable, but because they remind me in a lot of ways of me and my BFF, but in the good ways, not the selfish or kissing-your-best-friends-fiance sort of way.  We used to go upstairs into the bonus room at my house and we'd make up dances to songs. Basically everything Backstreet Boys, Destiny's Child, or Will Smith had a choreographed number. I remember we had a pretty good one for Will Smith's "Men in Black". Yeah, we're that awesome. 

Best Friends always make you feel like yourself, even when (or especially when) you don't know who that really is. 

Okay, I know they're not 'girlfriends' but is there really a better example of best friends than Winnie the Pooh and Piglet? I've loved Pooh since I was a young child, and they really teach you how friendship is supposed to be. Everyone goes through times when we struggle to know who we are or days when they just don't feel like ourselves. But best friends takes care of each other. Always.

Best Friends are always partners in crime.

I used to watch "I Love Lucy" all the time, it was one of my favorites. The best duo on the show wasn't Lucy and Ricky (thought they were great too!) it was Lucy and Ethel. What would they be without each other!? Ethel always had Lucy's back, even when she knew it was a bad idea! And there were times when Lucy had to rescue Ethel, but let's face it, it was mostly the other way around. Lucy and Ethel were partners in crime. They'd never leave each other and were one of the first, and the best, examples of best friends. You know that they'd still be getting into trouble together, even when they're 80. That's how me and my BFF are too!

Best friends don't let each other look stupid...alone.

How is this not the most amazing friendship EVER!? Basically I'm jealous with anyone who's friends with Sandy, but I'm not going to lie, I'd cage fight to become friends with Melissa McCartney too! Friends always have each others' back, and part of that means if you're BFF looks stupid, you look stupid.


Best friends work out together.

Who is better than your BFF to keep you motivated and positive!? Plus, as your best friend, they're allowed to see you sans makeup and dripping with sweat! You never have to worry about looking good for them. Plus, they've seen you at your worst and won't judge you when you're having a rough day and you're not completely 100%. And they'll always remind you how amazing you are and to not get discouraged! [Also a plus: scoping out hot guys as they run past you...not as fun when you're alone! ;) ]

Best Friends complement each others personality.

Who doesn't dream of becoming the third bestie in this duo!? Best friends only really work because their personalities are complementary. And not that you can't be the same, but rather you feed off each other and bring out the best in one another. 

Best Friends are goofy together. 

 I had to use them again. I'm a firm believer that laughter is perhaps the most important ingredient in a friendship (or any relationship). Best friends should be silly together, they should make each other laugh and goof off and be awesome together! Life is so boring when taken too seriously.

Best Friends vacation together. 

Shopping in Cabo...that's the life. Best Friends Jen Aniston and Courtney Cox can be seen regularly hitting the beach or shopping in Mexico, which just happens to be their favorite vacation spot. The besties love to get away together, either with their significant others or a group of girlfriends. We all can't live like this, but a weekend away every year really does improve your relationship! We have an annual Girls Trip every year that I honestly count down to! Point is, these two know that just like a romantic relationship, best friends need their time away from home to just relax and have a good time. Best friends who vacation together stay together. ;)

I hope this has made you desperately want to call or text your BFF and tell them how much they mean to you. They should hear that from us every day!

So here's to you, Besties, for all the laughs, the love, and the memories...and to many more. I wouldn't be who I am without you, and I sure as heck wouldn't love life the way I do! You are everything.

Best Friends Forever.

[Authors Note: Try to ignore Darcy's (Kate Hudson) selfishness during the toast video above...other than that it's really sweet!] 

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