Monday, December 30, 2013

Too Shy To Scream, A Playlist

Can music save your soul? I'm a firm believer. Music has always been important to me. Those that know me, know it's an obsession of mine. How many playlists do I have on my iPod? Too many to count. Music is absolutely vital to me, it's how I get through my life. And I don't just mean for when I'm upset, it's something I need all the time, every day. Whether I'm happy, sad or angry, it doesn't matter, I need it. Most people won't know this, but my close friends and family know that I treat my iPod like a diary; each playlist is a deeply personal entry to which I inscribe "words" through the medium of songs.  In the off chance that I trust you enough to a) pick the music in my car while I'm driving and b) to look through something as personal as they are for me, the first thing you'd notice would be the titles. I don't own any mixes titled 1, 2, alternative or pop. These playlists are short stories from my life, and as such, are named things that either a) a song's title that's inspiring me/playlist at the moment or b) lyrics from a song on the playlist that inspire me or c) completely random musing of mine that don't make sense unless you're me (and be grateful you aren't!). 

But as stated before, I'm not very good at letting people see them (i.e. letting people in), and so it's been a goal of mine to get better at opening up. In fact, the whole reason for this blog is an attempt to do that very same thing. Because it doesn't come naturally to me. Although I'm a very outgoing person and rather chatty, when it comes down to deep feelings, emotions, or vulnerability, I'm no good. (Don't roll your eyes, I know what you're thinking... "And you want to be a fitting!" Trust me, I know.)

As cliche as it might be, I believe music can save you. It definitely saved me at a time in my life where I was completely lost, depressed, and felt angry and alone and thought I had no where else to turn. Ever since then, it's been like an anchor in my life, stopping my ship from being completely lost at sea. Sure, waves come, some larger than others, but with your anchor steady, you know you'll always make it out safely. 

While I won't be sharing the experiences that inspired the playlist itself, I thought there may be one or two music lovers out there interested in a new mix. Hopefully at some point, you'll find one that can rescue you like they did me.

[Author's note: Clicking on the title of the playlist will bring you to listen to it (for free) on Spotify, if you have an account.]

Too Shy to Scream

1. Too Shy to Scream- AFI
2. Breathing- Yellowcard
3. Just a Man- The Classic Crime
4. Jude law and a Semester Abroad- Brand New
5. Pardon Me- Incubus
6. Your Heart is an Empty Room- Death Cab for Cutie
7. Up Against the Wall- Boys Like Girls
8. Endlessly, She Said- AFI
9. Again I go Unnoticed- Dashboard Confessional
10. Seventy Time 7- Brand New
11. The Pros and Cons of Breathing- Fall Out Boy
12. Mexico- Incubus
13. Dissolve and Decay- Hawthorne Heights
14. Cold Hands- AFI
15. Nice to Know You- Incubus
16. All That I've Got- The Used
17. Way Away- Yellowcard
18. Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades- Brand New
19. We've Got the Knife- AFI
20. So Long, So Long- Dashboard Confessional

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