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The Walking Dead: Surviving a Zombie Apocolypse

I know it's not news, but I LOVE The Walking Dead. Seriously, like probably an unhealthy amount. It's one of my favorite shows! I love the cast and the part each character plays for the group, I love the dialogue, I love the social problems that arise and the psychology of the characters and the situations they're in. Really, it's an amazing show that's not really about zombies (or Walkers as they're referred to), but more so about the people, the relationships, etc. It's really well-written, beautifully shot, and actually quite hilarious. I just can't wait for October and the new season to start!! If you haven't started it yet, All of the available seasons are on Netflix!

[Note: If you're squeamish when it comes to blood, just know that in every episode, you will see some serious gore and you can just look away until it's gone. It's not over-the-top to me, and it's definitely not throughout the whole episode, but there are scenes in every one. Somehow I always find myself eating dinner while watching TWD, I don't really know]

We've been re-watching the series from the beginning and it got me thinking of the hypothetical 'zombie apocalypse', and as my sister stated with alarm, "our house is so not zombie-ready!" :) So I thought I'd blog about everything The Walking Dead has taught me about surviving through a zombie apocalypse. [Even though I DID already write a more comical (Valentine's) approach to it last February here]  

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

1. Get yourself a Daryl.

Hahaha if only. Unfortunately, there's only one Daryl. Saddest.sentence.ever. BUT, if you can find an excellent B.A. tracker/archer/fighter redneck who both pulls off a poncho and rides a motorcycle, get that on lock. And don't let him split up to go find his brother! 

Oops...Er, what was I saying? I got carried away...sorry about that. (You're welcome.)

2. Find yourself a functioning SMALL group.

You can't save everyone, unfortunately. Your best chance of survival is based on limiting your numbers to close friends/family you can trust. Also, make sure everyone has roles that they can fulfill within your group. Psychologically, it's good for everyone's mental health as well as the groups functionality. [i.e. the Ringleader, the Archer, the Samurai, the Doc, the Carol...etc] ;)

3. Stay inside as much as possible.
You are safest inside, as long as you have the Walker-business under control. You increase your vulnerability the minute you walk outside, so if you can, hold up indoors until you need to do a supply run. (see the next rule) Put your group first, keep each other safe, and DON'T SPLIT UP. 

[Note: Prison's work really, really well, since they are designed to keep people IN and others OUT.]

4. Supply Run Safety

Supply runs are necessary but should only be done using extreme caution. Only a couple people should go, some of your fastest and strongest fighters, as they are likely to encounter a Walker or two. Of course, you don't want to leave your camp without proper protection either, so make sure you have strong people staying behind to watch over the camp. Make sure you know the area first, and if you don't you should plan additional time/trip to scope out the area first so that you have proper exit plans. Remember that nothing ever goes like it should, so you better have more than 1 escape and multiple back up plans. And don't forget your knives/guns! ALWAYS BE PREPARED!!

Things you should ALWAYS grab if available:
-FOOD (esp. those canned goods!)
-WEAPONS: Guns, ammo, silencers, knives, crossbows, spears, axes, hammers, machetes, samurai swords... ;)
-GAS (this is where having a car to load up comes in handy. If you're walking, you're not gonna want to be carrying that all the way back!)
-FIRST AID KITS and RX's (especially antibiotics!)

Hahahahaha!! TRUE!!!


You will not survive without these. There should always be plenty of weapons in your arsenal. Guns are great but they attract a lot of attention and they require bullets. Knives or anything blunt are a good way to go because there is no reloading, however, it requires fighting in a close proximity, which is a little more dangerous. So save the guns and bullets for a time of crisis and make sure you can fight hand-to-hand combat as well as wield a sword or knife expertly.

6. Make sure you can USE your weapons.

This means training everyone in your party to be able to handle themselves with ALL the weapons. Your group is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Target Practice is always a good idea. But don't waste too many bullets!

7. Have someone who you trust to always have your back.

Rick and Daryl make an excellent team. I'd follow them anywhere, and not just because of Daryl's muscles in this picture. ;) Rick and Daryl trust each other, back each other up and are always willing to go to bat for each other with the group. I think that these two can survive on their own, but they definitely thrive as a duo and it always makes you feel better knowing you've got someone who has your back at all cost.

8. Hold Councils

Decisions should be made as a group (or group representatives)- everything runs more smoothly with a Democracy rather than a dictatorship. How many times have we learned that from history?? Well, it will still hold true during a zombie apocalypse. Hold a weekly council, talk to your people, make sure all concerns and questions are met and addressed sincerely and be proactive about fixing problems. And if something isn't sitting right with you, stand up and say something! REMEMBER: the safety of the entire group comes first.   

#carolscookies #therealcookiemonster
9. Don't be afraid to put others in their place.

 In what very well might be the BEST scene in the series, Carol is NOT afraid to put this kid in his place, and neither should you. You'll never survive appeasing everyone, and if someone/something needs to be made right, then do it. 

10. Know the problem areas and stay away.

Pretty self explanatory... but do other survivors a favor and mark when you trap a whole heard of Walkers in a room, okay?! It's only being polite. 

So jealous right now.

11. Don't forget to still have fun...

Sure, it may be the end of the world and there's no help in sight, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself every once in a while... ;) Plus, it's good for your physical/mental/emotional health!! 

My *favorites* #Lindus #Rickyl

Well, that's about it. Stay strong and don't give up! Remember to ALWAYS BE PREPARED, take a knife and gun with you wherever you go. Stay as a group and don't go into any dark areas by yourself! Safety in (small) numbers!!

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