Thursday, January 9, 2014

*Bucket List*

It’s no secret that I like lists. I can’t help it, I just love them. There is something so rewarding about crossing things off a list after I’ve completed them that makes my heart sing like Aretha Franklin. I’ll be honest, sometimes if I’ve started a list late and have already completed a couple things prior to said list, I will still put them on there, just to cross them off. I feel like I deserve that pat on the back, ya know? Anyways, I have lists for everything…favorite songs, bands, movies, books, characters, fictional couples, favorite words, etc. Honestly, the lists go on and on. 

But something I’ve always had since I was a young teenager were “bucket lists”, especially travel lists. Since I was little girl, all I’ve ever wanted to do was travel and see the world, experience all the different cultures and take as many pictures as possible. I’ve always loved nature and architecture, so naturally they’re my favorite thing to photograph. I’m a dreamer. I always have been. So making lists of what I wanted out of life came naturally. They’ve changed over the years, not entirely, but they have adjusted as I’ve grown up or as interests have changed. But statistically speaking, we’re more likely to reach our goals if we A) write them down and B) tell someone else. So I guess I’m doing both. They used to be things I kept locked away in the trunk in my closet. But I guess this comes with the territory, after all, this ‘blog’ is something that was on a bucket list, so it only seems natural! 

[This will only be snippets because I definitely have the longest bucket lists ever.]

Things I want to DO:
1.      Graduate with my BA in Psychology
2.      Graduate w/ honors… Magna Cum Laude and get into Psi Chi (Psychology) Honor Society
3.      Study abroad in England for a year
4.      Get into Grad School (MA/PHD)
5.      Learn to play the piano
6.      Finish writing a novel
7.      Publish a book/short story
8.      Visit every state in the US
9.      See a musical on Broadway in NY
10.  Surf in Hawaii
11.  Backpacking trip…somewhere  

Things I want to SEE:
1.      Tour England and see Chelsea play @ home (Stamford Bridge).
2.      Visit Paris in the fall
3.      Go to a World Cup game, England & USA
4.      Drive Hwy 1 down the entire Coast
5.      Across Country Road trip from here to New York
6.      Eat my way through Italy
7.      Go to Spain, see a Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game in Barcelona
8.      US History tour in DC and surrounding area
9.      Go to every Disneyland/World
10.  New Years Eve in Times Square
11.  Visit Czech Republic, Russia, and Croatia
12.  Go to North Shore’s surfing competition Pipe Master’s (Hawaii)
13.  Go on an African Safari
14.  Visit New Zealand

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