Friday, August 28, 2015

5 NEW Reasons Why I'm ready for Fall NOW!

Okay, I know I've written about this before...specifically last year (August 20th to be exact, you can read it here) which is sorta funny considering I've been itching to write this for almost two weeks... so I guess it makes sense considering my general distaste for summer. By August I'm just dying for Fall. Seriously, after the first hot day of the season (and for where I live, I'm talking 100+ degrees) I'm already ready for summer to be over. And by the time August gets here, I'm REALLY dying for Fall. 

But anyways, I've been getting really excited for my favorite season and thought I'd share the NEW things I'm looking forward to this Fall! (I promise I won't repeat any from last year!)

If someone can find this beanie for me, I will give them a gazillion bucks.
Seriously, I've been looking for it EVERYWHERE

1. Beanies

Those that know me, know my love for beanies. I LOVE THEM. And not just because you can hide a really bad hair day (or don't even HAVE to do your hair that day) under a great beanie and no one's the wiser. Until now that is. :) But really, I looooove beanies. They are cozy and warm and wonderful. Especially when you have curly hair like mine that tends to get a little out-of-control the first drop of rain or moisture in the air. 

2. Fall Nail Polish

I just bought my Halloween colors (which are like the most FUN colors of the year!) for the whole month of October, thanks to OPI (personal favorite) and I can't wait to do them!! On good weeks, I do my nails every weekend, it's sort of a ritual. On bad weeks (like right now, because school just started up again) I have on the same nail color for 2+ weeks. Not my favorite. I always feel more me with a fresh paint job. AND FALL COLORS ARE MY FAVORITE.  Generally, I love darker colors more than lighter/brighter ones, so this is just me, IN MY ELEMENT. OPI released their Fall 2015 line called Venice and it's fantastic. Still, my favorite full collection is the San Francisco line, because the colors are seriously gorgeous and absolutely perfect. (And also, I'm a #norcal girl, born and bred, so there's that

3. October *Halloween* Book Club

A new tradition my sister and I started last year; we come up  with a list of literary works to read each week during the month of October and it's fantastic. We are *a little* Halloween obsessed in my family, and this makes the whole month EVEN BETTER! We've almost finalized the list for this year and I have to say, it's gonna be real good! Last year we read Practical Magic, Dracula, The Raven & Tell Tale Heart, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and a couple other short stories. It was AWESOME. This year...well, you'll have to wait and see the list when I post it next month! ;)

4. Rain Boots 

This year I'm buying my first pair of actual adult rain boots and I couldn't be more excited! I have several picked out, but I haven't decided yet. I also kinda want more than one pair, so we'll see...hahaha But they definitely scream FALL and winter goodness! But I mean, who doesn't love BOOT SEASON in general, amirite?!

5. Pumpkin Juice

Yes, of Harry Potter fame. We just made this for a Harry Potter dinner party we hosted two weeks ago and it was *FANTASTIC*. Seriously, it's a new favorite of mine. If you haven't tried it yet or made your own yet, you need to. NOW. Even if you're not a Harry Potter fan (gasp! Shame on you!!) you should still try this out. Your taste buds and tummy will thank you. It's like drinking Halloween and Thanksgiving combined! Lots of easy recipes on Pinterest, you can pick one that tickles your fancy. :)

So that's that. Right now I can't wait for sweater weather, stormy days and bundling up under some cozy blankets by the fire with a great book. But until then, I'll be beating the heat inside with my best friend, A/C, dreaming of Fall.  

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