Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Queens of Comedy: Anna Kendrick Edition

Anna Kendrick is one of my favorite actresses. But even more than her movies, I love her. Anna Kendrick just being Anna Kendrick is just about the BEST THING EVER. She is funny, witty, a little awkward in an endearing sort of way, and just completely amazing. She also has killer style. Her Twitter account is probably the greatest piece of social media. EVER. No seriously, it's that good. She is so HILARIOUS, she definitely needed her own section in my "Queens of Comedy" blogs, because well, she deserves it! Welcome to the club Anna, you reign supreme for SO MANY reasons, it will be hard to actually count! But I'll do my best! ;)

Can we be BFF's please?!?

Reasons why Anna Kendrick is THE BEST:

1. She acts like we would with other celebrities, which makes her super cool and real.

Exhibit A.

And B. 

2. She's inspirational.

3. She is obsessed with Queen Bey just like the rest of us

4. None of us are worthy of her, Anna. None of us are. I love that she doesn't try to be "cool" with her celebrity crushes, she is just a normal girl who had a panic attack when she saw Beyonce, like any of us would.

5. Not afraid to show her true fangirl status. 

6. She accepts and embraces who she is and never tries to be anything different.

7. Remember what I said about her Twitter account being the greatest thing ever...

8. I was 100% accurate.

9. So accurate.

10. Like, I couldn't have been more accurate if I'd tried. 

11. She'll call you on your B.S.

12. She's a good role model.

13. And campaigns for the spread of *love*, not hate.

14. She makes you feel good about yourself.

15. She knows that everybody needs their own dessert. She knows what she needs out of relationships and doesn't take anything less! 

16. See what I mean? She knows she deserve better and won't settle for anything less.

17. She may say exactly what she'd thinking, but it's always in a comically endearing sor tof way.

18. She's got wonderful attitude and the head-bob down on lock.

19. And she owns the RBF game.

20. Literally. Owns. They even make meme's about it.

21. She is so real.

22. REAL.

23. She contemplates the complexities of life in a way we wish we able to.


25. Seriously, she motivates us to keep on keepin' on.

26. She's got BIG ideas!

27. One's we wish would come to fruition. Like, so badly.


29. She had one of the most EPIC Lip Sync Battle's (Spike) vs John Krasinski... 

30. In her first song, a love song, she busted out a T-shirt that had a picture of her and Emily Blunt on it, and sang away, who also happens to be John's wife. And it was AMAZING. Actually, you should just basically watch the whole episode. The second battle song is the greatest!

[Watch a clip here]

31. And because she knows where it's at.

32. Exactly where it's at.

 33. She loves adorable animals, just like the rest of us...

This panda impersonation is the BEST.

Buy all the red pandas!!

34. She gives credit where credit is due.

35. Did I already mention she's hilarious?? And humble.

36. She's self-reflective and honest about who she is.

37. She has serious #friendshipgoals with other amazing Queens of Comedy! 

38. She knows when it's time to be serious and get down to business.

39. The struggle is real, and she knows that. A Diet Coke + MAC lipstick in D for Danger = surviving the day

40. And finally, because she loves Taco Bell just as much as we do. ((Even though we'll never admit it))

We totally get it! Especially when PMS is involved... eat all the Taco Bell!!

So thank you Anna for being amazing, hilarious, insightful, and real. You inspire me to be who I am and own it! You're the BEST

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