Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reasons Why I Can't Wait for TWD to Return

I don't know about you, but without my weekly dose of The Walking Dead, I start to get a little crazy. Sure, the holiday season was a good distraction, but now that it's over, I seriously have to wait another month and a half before we finally pick up where we left off at the mid season finale?? Are you kidding me?!

Like EVERY season of TWD, Season 6 has not been a disappointment by any means. I know some people complain certain things, and I have too, but when it's all said and done, this show is AMAZING and I need it in my life. Like, all the time. Rest assured, our beloved starts back up again FEB 14, which is probably the greatest thing ever. There is NOTHING I'd rather do on the worst holiday in existence than ((ignore it by)) watching Rick, Daryl, Glenn, & Co. fighting zombies. Especially because we left off at some pretty...dicey... circumstances, to say the least.

Reasons Why I Can't Wait for TWD to Return:


Some of us are still recovering from what Scott Gimble and the rest of the writers did to our hearts at the beginning of season... If you don't remember (how could you not?! I'm traumatized!), Glenn found himself in a rather precarious situation...

Everyone watching around the world gasped! And then we realized that it wasn't his blood, rather, Nicholas had killed himself with his gun in front of Glenn (hence the blood spatter). However, this caused another precarious situation, as both Nick's body and Glenn fell into the swarm of Walkers...

Not a moment I want to EVER relive again. Glenn appeared to be lost to the war against zombies, but I never lost hope. I think mostly because I DOWNRIGHT REFUSED TO BELIEVE HE WAS DEAD. Even if it had been confirmed, I would've rewritten the story in my head to be differently, because I cannot live in a world that doesn't involve Glenn.  But of course, he lived, using Nicholas' dead body as a shield, he was able to Glenn-himself outta there. That's right, I'm using it as a verb now. 

"Unable to do anything until we learn if Glenn is okay" was I think my actual post.


If you didn't feel all the feelings when they reunited ((again)), you're a monster. Maggie and Glenn are what keep us going, they ARE our HOPE. And Maggie is freaking PREGNANT which makes me like, over-the-moon happy. Sure, it presents a new round of complications and potential heartache, but it can be done! Please don't let Maggie die in childbirth like Lori, PLEASE!! Their relationship is everything.  [video below]
Tissues please... :::sobs uncontrollably:::

3. Hope for MORE Rick & Daryl screen time.

Much of the first half of season was spent in various locations; our heroes and heroines were dispersed here and there, our favorite archer was kidnapped in the woods, and we were getting backstory on an old friend. My one criticism about last season (other than the Glenn-is-Dead-Just-Kidding-He's-Alive aspect) was that once again, there wasn't a whole lot of scenes with our favorites together. Especially Rick and Daryl. Their 'Bromance' is my favorite thing in the whole world. I love when the whole gang is together! Give us more time spent with everyone by the campfire so to speak. Or literally, I really don't care. 

4. Carol, the Stepford Wife

Carol, our favorite Underdog-turned-professional-bad-A killer has provided most of the comedic relief necessary this season. Watching her pretend to be a 'helpless woman who bakes cookies for everyone' was seriously comic gold. I actually laughed OUT LOUD so many times, it's ridiculous. Then when the Wolves attacked, she dressed up as one, and started to SLAY, both literally and figuratively. 

Slay Queen, Slay.
Carol has had an awesome season thus far, and we wouldn't expect anything less. I know the movement had typically been "If Daryl dies we riot", which I'm a full supporter of, 100%, but I'd like to include Carol in that. If Carol dies, WE RIOT. ((And also Rick & Glenn))

Don't worry about me guys, I'm just doing the dishes is all. Nothing to be concerned about. I know nothing about weapons or being a B.A. at all!

Oh wait, BEST.EVER.
Don't mess with her. Just don't. #Cambo 

5. Morgan, WTF mate??

Getting Morgan's backstory was awesome, we needed it to fill in the gaps between how we'd last left Morgan and this new BA ninja Morgan. His episode, "Here's Not Here", was phenomenal, wonderfully executed, beautifully acted, and of course, heartbreakingly tragic. I cried several times during this episode, which is saying something. We're all happy when Morgan comes to Alexandria at the beginning of the season, but seriously, how many times did he do something that made us say or think "WTF mate?!" Keeping a "Wolf" captive in the basement because "all life is precious" is a VERY dangerous decision to have made... And the last episode in particular...well, let's get to that now.

6. Seriously, W.T.F.???

Morgan, if you even THINK about hurting Carol, WE WILL FIND YOU. AND WE WILL KILL YOU. ((Wow, a Taken reference in my Walking Dead post?! That was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.)) But seriously, DO NOT HARM A HAIR ON HER HEAD!!! Normally I would say that Carol can handle herself, but in this situation where we left off, I'M CONCERNED. Carol is a B.A., sure, but Morgan has turned into a crazy Ninja Warrior and I'm not so sure that if they battle it out, she'll come out unscathed. Dear Mr. Gimble, please please please don't kill Carol off!! PLEASE!!! 
I have to say, this is what I'm worried about the most leading up to episode 9. 

AND WE WILL. Make no mistake about that.

7. I'm missing the heck outta Rick...Seriously. 

I miss our fearless leader desperately. I love Rick. LOVE him. Without seeing him every Sunday night, I have to tell you, it crushes my soul. I don't think I can wait any longer!!

 8. Daryl's had a rough go at it all since Beth died. ((Or really, since forever))

I loved the idea of Daryl basically having his own episode. Heck, I'd watch a prequel series about Daryl BEFORE the apocalypse, even if all he did was hunt squirrels and eat 'em. Daryl has been through a lot recently and I really wanted him to finally find some peace and love. ((with Carol, just saying)) Being kidnapped was not the way I thought "Always Accountable" was going to go. 

After all, not many people point a gun in Daryl's face and live to tell the tale. As he once said to Andrea...

I don't think we've seen the last of the two snatchers from the woods, but the way they left Daryl to die in the woods, after he risked his life AFTER THEY KIDNAPPED HIM to return the insulin to save the girl, I could never forgive them or welcome them into the fold. SO if we run into them, they better get what's coming to them. Karma-and-all. Poor Daryl, he tries to be the 'good guy', and he keeps getting screwed over for it. 

I also basically l

I mean, they STOLE HIS BIKE. AND HIS CROSSBOW. WTH?!  I really hope Daryl gets them back sooner rather than later... He can't be our Daryl without his bike & bow!! Also, can we resurrect Daryl's angel-winged biker vest?! Please and Thank you.

February couldn't come soon enough. I'm dying waiting for it come back. Until then, I'll be over here, re-watching old episodes, praying that none of our favorite characters die in the premiere. 

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