Monday, February 3, 2014

Playing Cupid... Celebrity Matchmaking

Welcome February! For those that know me well, you will have heard the deeply sarcastic tone in which the greeting was said. While I love the winter months, February has come to be thought of as one of my least favorite months, specifically for the fact of Valentine's Day and that there are only 28 days in the pay period. I'm sure you'll come to know of my loathing for the "holiday" at some point, so for now we'll skip it. Two great things happen in February though, just to give credit where credit is due. It's my Grandpa & my sister's birthday month! Besides that and the usual rain we see, I don't really like February one bit. HOWEVER, I thought to kick off the month of love, I'd engage in a little game of "playing cupid".   

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes, I have a hard time remembering that actors that play characters aren't actually their characters...seriously, don't try to tell me that if you saw Ross, er, I mean David Schwimmer, you wouldn't say, "Look! It's Ross!", because I won't believe you. Sometimes, it's just hard to differentiate between the character and the people that play them, like for instance Sarah Jessica Parker. When I look at her, I obviously know who she is, but I only see Carrie Bradshaw, they are one-in-the-same for me. 

Well, sometimes that happens for movie couples too. And sometimes, you just feel like the world isn't quite right because they are not together in real life. I swear, sometimes I think I just know better than they do, if I could only play matchmaker! Just kidding, just kidding. I'm sure there are reasons why they aren't really together, but you just wish they were, because it seems like they'd be a match made in celebrity heaven. [Unless of course we're talking about Kate & Leo, because WE ALL KNOW THAT THEY'RE MEANT TO BE!!!]

This got me thinking about the top "fake" couples I wish were together in real life, because, by golly, it just MAKES SENSE!! If THEY can't be happy together, how could it possibly turn out for the rest of us! (Okay Jane Austen, I learned my lesson from Emma, but this is just hypothetical!)

1. Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet (OBVIOUSLY!)

I know I'm not the only one here. I know everyone and their mom are just waiting for the day that these best friends accept that they are IN LOVE with each other and have cute little Kates & Leos. I mean, DOES TRUE LOVE GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?? How are we normal people supposed to have a shot at it if THEY can't even make it work!! This seriously makes me so, so incredibly sad. I mean, SHE NEVER LET GO! She didn't! Jack and Rose deserve their chance at a happily ever after, dang it!! 

Sorry, was that too much!? Oh well, you get it. They've played on-screen couples several times and have been best friends since basically forever. I mean, they're best friends, but don't you think it's time they just gave up the charade already?! I can't think of anything that would make the entire world happier than this coming to fruition. 

2. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt

While their on-screen couple Tom & Summer were definitely not the right fit, is there anyone out there that thinks that Zooey & Joe wouldn't make the cutest couple ever?! Oh, you don't believe me?? Well, how about this:

They've really been BFF's for ages! He was even in one of her music videos! But I think we're all ready to have a front row seat at the cute indie wedding you know they'd have. I mean, Come on!! WATCH THE VIDEO!!   

3.  Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

Okay, no one that saw the Notebook would disagree with me. They were amazing as our beloved Noah & Allie, but that doesn't just stop on screen! Did anyone else feel like a little part of them died the day they found out they had broken up in real life!? (Be honest!) 

Tragic. Absolutely Tragic.

4. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds 

Sandy is America's sweetheart. She's everyone's BFF and after the horrible incident with her ex-husband Jesse James, we were all feeling a bit protective of her. I don't think anyone could've let Sandy go with anyone less than Ryan Reynolds, he's just the nicest guy! Staring in The Proposal together, they seemed like the most perfect fit, and in some cases that's true because they became best friends and still are. Except that Ryan is now married(!!!) to someone OTHER THAN SANDY. Heart breaking. 

Though they were never together, I think the whole world wish they would. Not just because they would be the most hilarious partners in crime (can you imagine the dinner parties they'd throw!), but because they are two of the most likable people, ever. Besides, everyone wants a happily-ever-after for Sandy, and that's just a fact. 

 Exhibit A.

5. Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper

 Seriously though. How amazing would this be!? Age differences aside (come on, it's only a number!) they're both funny, down to earth, beautiful and totally awesome. After two movies together (Silver Linings Playbook & American Hustle) I think the world is ready for more! The chemistry is outstanding and really, what's better than two of our favorite people together!?

Answer: Nothing.

Well, this was actually kind of sad, which is definitely more my speed on Valentine's Day. ;)

If only I could play celebrity matchmaker. I think I'd really be really good at it. Obviously. Until then, we'll keep wishing for them to find their love for each other, or at least hope that they play opposite one another in MANY more movies.

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