Saturday, February 8, 2014

*Snow Day*

Let's get one thing straight... I'm from California, born and raised in the sunshine state, where we drive faster and play harder than in any other state. It's no secret that we all think we're the best and that we live in the best state in the US, but it's also no secret that those things are correct. ;) I'm from Nor Cal... Sacramento (the capital, it's not L.A.!) to be exact. It's a pretty great place to be. I know So Cal usually gets all the press, but where I'm from, it's the perfect centralized location. We're two hours away from the beach or the snow, depending on the direction you want to go. (Okay, I wasn't even trying to rhyme, but I did, so I'm keeping it. Perhaps it's the Redbull I'm drinking right now...)  It's a pretty spectacular place to be. 

So spectacular that artists from every genre have written songs about it. So spectacular that in a survey done in the UK, when ask to identify the states in America, one of the only states that every person could identify was California (the others were New York, Texas, and Florida). We're the Saturday-Day-Trip type of people, whether that's to the Bay (San Francisco to you foreigners) for clam chowder at The Wharf and a Giants game or Wine Country (Napa) for some taste testing or to Reno, Nevada for a little gambling, your Saturday destination is only 2 lovely hours away. So whether you surf or snow board, we've got everything your heart could possibly desire. Except (for most of California anyways), what we don't have are snow days.

Snow days are something of the mythical sort for us, like unicorns or leprechauns. I've always dreamed of having a 'snow day', and actually I still do. When I was younger, the closest thing we'd get to a "snow day" would be if the power went out at school long enough, they'd have to send us home. But that just about never happened. The power always came back on right about the time we would've been sent home, shattering our dreams. 

Even as an adult I still long for snow days, even though we don't snow here. They're just so magical. It looks like the most fantastic gift nature could possibly give you; for one day you're forced to stay inside and can't go to work or school or wherever you have to be. Now more than ever, we pack our lives full to the brim, whether you're working full time, have a family, going to school, or any combination of those, we're busy busy busy! I work full time and go to school full time at night and I can't tell you how many times (if not daily!) that I wish for a snow day. I think we exhaust ourselves with everything we pack into our lives and almost need to be forced into a day off. We work ourselves to the bone day in and day out. Not that having a good work ethic is a bad thing but we also need to take care of ourselves too! And if you're anything like me, 'yourself' is the first thing you put on the back burner. 

But not on a snow day. No, on a snow day you get to stay inside, change back into your pj's, and reconnect with yourself. It's not fair that we miss out on snow days, just because we don't actually snow, right!? So I've decided that we should make our own every once in a while. Obviously not when you have a massive exam or project due at work, but any other day. You can't look for the *perfect* day because you'll never find it, there will always be something that has to be done, so as long as it's not major, just take the day off. You deserve it!

Best things to do on your Snow Day:      

1. Go back to sleep, duh!! I think this is the most obvious. I know you, you've been needing an extra boost in the morning right? Redbulls are my poison of choice. Take the morning and catch up on your z's! No alarm clock either! Just let your body wake up when it's ready!

2. It's now mid morning (for some some of you, noon. You know who you are!) and even though you just slept in, you're still slightly drowsy. No rush! Curl up on the couch with your pup and check in with your Netflix que. You've been dying to catch up on The Walking Dead (eh, eh!) or Downton Abbey or Scandal, so now's the perfect time!! You're in no rush today!

3. Make some tea and spend some time reading that book you've been trying to finish for months now! Or start a new one! Escape into the fantasy of whatever world you long to be in. 

4. Put on some music and draw or write or play solitaire, whatever it is that grounds you but you never seem to have time to do anymore.

5. You know those goodies you saw on Pinterest but never have the time to make them?? You've had the ingredients for weeks now, so make them! and EAT them!! Diets don't count on Snow Days.

6. Need a mid-day energy boost or some stress relief? Whip out your yoga mat and center your chi! Today is about YOU. 

7. Bubble Bath!! Remember when you used to have the time to relax in a piping hot tub of suds? Yeah, it's been a long time for me too! Draw up a bath with some lavender bath salts and your favorite scented candles and put on some classic music and feel your pent up stress melt away. 

8. Remember how much you used to love doing your nails every week? Except you started running out of time and smudging the paint (everywhere!) before it was dry and would have to just take it off anyways. So spend some time on an at home mani/pedi, you have plenty of episodes of New Girl to watch On Demand until your nails are dry! 

9.  Spend an hour YouTubing your favorite music videos from your childhood (Backstreet Boys, whats up!), because when we were kids there actually WAS still music on MTV, for the most part anyways. Or perhaps those cat videos you love so much or whatever pleases your little heart. Just take the time to walk down memory lane and enjoy the simple things of the past! 

10. Get caught up on the adventures of Brown Eyed Girl. ;)  I'm not above shameful self promotion guys, come on! 

Whatever or whenever  it may be, make sure to get a snow day in every once in a while! You're a hard worker and you deserve it!  

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