Friday, April 11, 2014

Reasons 90's Kids had the BEST Childhood

I had a great childhood. I know most people think that their childhood was the best, but mine really was. As a 90's kid, we had the BEST everything; the best cartoons, music and we actually played OUTSIDE until it was dark (and sometimes even after that!). I've been thinking about all my favorite things about my childhood and thought I'd share with all the other 90's kids out there!

1.  Saved By the Bell
  Who didn't want to date Zack Morris and be Kelly Kapowski?? (Or vice versa) WHO!?

2.  Will Smith and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire
 Not only did it have the best theme song in the history of television, but ANYONE who's a real 90's kid can sing this by heart at the drop of a hat! My favorite Fresh Prince moments were:

The "Tonto" dance:

And the earthquake episode..."Stuck in a basement sittin' on a tricycle, girl gettin' on my nerves..."

3. Words or phrases like: "sick", "tight", "da bomb", "---- thinks they're all that and a bag of chips!", "whatever", "as if!", and "dope".

4. Scrunchies!!!
How else would your high pony look totally awesome!?

5. Pogs!
 "Wanna trade??"

6. Overall Shorts
Hello, they were both utilitarian and stylish! "She could be a farmer in those clothes!!" Which brings me to the next one...

7. Clueless
 It practically defined an era! Some of the best representation of life in the 90's. And who didn't want Cher's closet??

8. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
 Pretty sure this show is what got me addicted to scary movies/stories at such a young age! I'm also fairly certain that it's where my fear of clowns stems from. "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society..." all the stories were told by kids meeting up once a week around a bonfire in the woods...HOW COOL IS THAT!? I always wanted to be a member of the Midnight Society! Though we did this sort of thing at sleepovers (and never actually SLEPT!) but it wasn't the same.

9. Goosebumps
Man, our parents sure weren't afraid to let us be scared out of our minds! I loved Goosebumps! And I'm pretty sure I read them all!

10. Rollerblades
With matching helmet, knee and elbow pads...obviously.

11. Lisa Frank EVERYTHING!!

12. Everything could be settled with Rock, Paper, Scissors.

13. Saying things like "Psych!" or "bomb diggity!" or  "if you love it so much than why don't you marry it!?"

14. Boy Bands
I was a "BSB" girl, hard core. Brian Littrell 4 Ever!!

15. And they had the BEST music videos...

Everybody, yeah, rock your body!

16. Speaking of which, MTV was still MUSIC TELEVISION.

17. 90210

18. Also, I've always had the biggest crush on Dylan McKay/Luke Perry
I'm practically certain they're the same person.

19. And also, my very first crush, Zack Morris

20. Oregon Trail
Getting so EXCITED to play this at school! Did anyone EVER make it the whole way??

21. Playing board games was actually still considered FUN. 
(My favorite all time board game)

22. 90's Heart Throbs...

23. Your movies looked like this:
And you actually "taped" stuff off TV onto these...actually, I still say "Can you tape that for me?" all the time! Old habits die hard!

24.You know exactly what this is:

25. We had the BEST cartoons! And we got up every Saturday morning to watching them!

26. Butterfly hair clips
 27.  Full House
Uncle Jesse was the hottest Uncle in the history of TV! And Uncle Joey the funniest! "Cut it out!!"

28. Tomagatchi & Nano pets!
 Which you took everywhere because you HAD to feed them or they'd DIE!!

29. Family Matters...or more famously, the show with  Steve Urkle.
And then your mind was blown when he grew up to be this...

30. Playing "cootie catcher" in class
 31. Skorts
You guys, they were skirts AND shorts!

32. Power Rangers
I always wanted to be the Pink Ranger. The only time I EVER liked pink growing up.

33. Playing MASH helped you figure out life's real questions.
Mansion, Jeep, Paris, and 3 kids...

34. Trolls
What's not to love??

35. War Heads.
And the *CHALLANGES* that come with them!

36. Girl bands & "Girl Power!!"

37. Hula hoops were a regular pass time on the girls' side of the recess lot.

38. Double Dare!

39.  American Gladiators.

 And yes, we always "played this" when my parents weren't home! That's what you get when there are 5 kids! ;)
Doesn't this look like a blast!?

40. Beanie Babies
I have all of these pictured except the caterpillar. If you bend or pull off my tags, I will seriously HURT YOU. 

41. Polly Pocket

 42. 3 hour long Monopoly sessions

43. Words/phrases like: "trippin", "Aiiight", "Boo-yeah!", "chillin", "Yo!", "My Bad!", "dissed and dismissed!", "bounce", "mad props", "sweet", "wiggin", "ill", "Score!", "Hecka", " 'sup?", "I know you are but what am I?", "I'm rubber and you're glue...", 

44. Jellies.

45. Lip Smackers

46. Mood Rings

47. Mall Madness
Charge it!! Maybe that's why our generation has debt issues...

48. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers
Is there any other way to color? 

49. Pretty Pretty Princess
I never knew how this game actually worked, I just know you got jewelry, and that's really all that matters.

50. Caboodles.

51. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?
No really, where is she?? Did anyone ever find her?

52. Plastic chokers and Ying/Yang
What girl didn't own both of these!?
53. Gushers
What EVERY kid wanted to find in their lunchbox!

54. The Macarena was the greatest dance, ever.

55. Milky pens
For writing notes to your friends' in your "notebooks", obviously.

56. Skip It!
Yeah, you seriously just whip that things around attached to your ankle and jump over it. And it's awesome.

57. Boy Meets World & Home Improvement

58. Bill Bye the Science Guy
The ONLY reason you actually learned anything in science class...

59. Melissa Joan Heart TV shows

60. Really...just actually EVERYTHING about it...

Being a 90's kids was the greatest! You could still walk to the store or go places alone with out your parents freaking out or being worried. The world was a different place then, and I have to say, I miss it. I miss playing "ghosts in the graveyard" outside until it was pitch black, I miss all the good kid shows and the awesome music. I miss being free! Well, here's to all you 90's kids out there, we sure knew how to live!

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