Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thoughts of a Stressed Out-Super Busy-Slightly Crazy 20-Something Year Old Girl.

We're busy, and you know what, we work really hard! But sometimes we work too hard and sometimes we have WAAAY too much on our plates! Am I right or am I right?! As the semester rapidly comes to a close, I get more and more burnt out. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Working full time during the day is okay but going to school full time at night as well is just exhausting! I'm sure you'll relate to these thoughts, which may or may not have actually ran through my mind this last week. Okay, Okay, yes they did...I'm not fooling anybody... Welcome to my inner dialogue!

1. I can’t get out of bed, it’s too early. No one will ever know I didn’t shower, right?

2. My hair doesn’t NEED to be washed, I can go another day, I’ll just use some dry shampoo.

3. I don't think I smell bad…maybe I’ll just spray some perfume on, just in case.

4. Ugh, when did I shave my legs last?! Okay, well I guess pants it is.

5. OMG it’s so hot outside…I mean really, how much stubble could anyone actually see if I just roll my pant legs up to be capri’s?

6. I’m feeling self conscious about my legs now...maybe just stay out of the sunlight to make sure no one notices…

7. What do you MEAN we have a test on Monday? But I’ve already made plans to sleep the WHOLE weekend!

8. Ugh. I should be doing homework right now but really, this late, how much would I actually remember of what I did? Best to just give my mind a break and watch Revenge instead.

9. Holy crap! It’s what time? I’ve got to get to bed, but I still haven’t washed my hair…it will be okay, right? That’s what dry shampoo is MADE for.

10. Okay, I’m running late and you can definitely tell my hair is dirty. I guess 4 days of dry shampoo eventually adds up…Oh, I know! Slicked back pony! A la Jennifer Lopez!

11. ….Nope, it still just looks dirty….

12. OH! I can add a headband... or maybe a hairscarf…yes! This will definitely work!

13. When did those dark circle take up residence underneath my eyes!? OMG I look like a freaking zombie.

14. So…tired…If I’m looking at my computer screen and have my hands positioned on the key board just right, I could totally take a nap without anyone ever knowing it!

15. Vending machine food for dinner…but I’ve been eating so healthy lately! HA HA JUST KIDDING! Cheetos it is!!

16. Annnnnd maybe a Snickers. It has peanuts which are protein and it will help me stay up through this 3 hour lecture…

17. …Oh man...I think I’m slipping into a food coma…better go get a Redbull..sugar free though, you know, so it’s a little better.

18. Umm..when was the last time I showered? What is the day today?? Tuesday? Okay, okay, so it’s not that bad.


20. The first thing I doing when I get home is taking a shower. Even if it’s late, it doesn’t matter. I’m walking through the door and directly into the bathroom.

21. I’m so glad to be home! SO TIRED! I need a drink of water. Oh, wasn’t there some ice cream in the freezer? YES!! Okay, I’ll just eat some of this and turn the TV on for just a minute, just while I eat this small cup of ice cream.

22. OOOH! They have Downton Abbey ON DEMAND. I don’t even remember the pilot…and since I’ve already seen it, I totally won’t be tempted to keep watching, so I can turn it off when I’m done!

23. Did I already finish my ice cream? OMG Matthew is SO HOT! Well, I might as well finish this episode.

24. I should really be doing SOMETHING while I sit here..I guess I could finally redo my nails, you can only rock the chipped polish for so long…

25. Oh no, oh no, it’s midnight? I’ve got to hop into the SHOWER!!

26. I think I’m going to fall asleep standing up…must…wash…hair…

27. So I don’t REALLY need to shave, right?

28. Wow, I feel so GOOD! I love curling up in bed after a shower! I feel so CLEAN!

29. Crap! Did I do that homework assignment? No…But it’s not that many points right, I can totally make it up…yeah, I definitely I’ll just go to sleep now.


31. Listen brain, you will go to sleep now. Now. NOW. N-O-W!!!!!

32. Oh my gosh, what time is it?! Did I sleep in?? Where’s my phone, why didn’t my alarm go off?? Oh my gosh, I’m going to be so late!!!

33. Oh, it’s only 5:30? I can go back to sleep! …where was I??

34. What is that sound? OMG make it stop!!!

35. OH CRAP, that’s my alarm! 

36. I thought I took off my eye makeup last night...well I'll put foundation and blush on and then I'll totally look pulled together.

37. Okay, this isn't working...I'll just put eyeliner on over the old stuff and smudge it a little and it will look like it's meant to be rocker-chic. Yeah, yeah I'll do that.

38. Okay, That did not go like it was supposed to and I'm running late!! I'll just wear glasses instead on contacts and then no one will notice!

39. WHY IS THERE SERIOUSLY SO MUCH TRAFFIC!?!? GAH!!!!! Now I understand why there's so many violent crimes in New York City!!

40. Did I brush my teeth??? 

At this point I don't even want to leave the house...
And the thing I'm MOST excited for is the prospect of sleeping! Which I never seem to get enough of these days.
Oh well, T-3 1/3 weeks and counting!!!

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