Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jessica Day (New Girl) is my Spirit Animal

Jess from New Girl is one of the best characters on T.V. right now. She's so relatable. She’s so real. She’s that girl everyone likes. She’s funny, sweet, romantic, sassy and dorky, in the most charming way possible. Jessica Day is my spirit animal. Jess and I are so much alike. It’s like she gets me. She practically started an adorkable revolution! She gave a voice to us nerdy gals by way of a beautiful, glasses-wearing elementary school teacher with a vintage style and the best “girlie” wardrobe of dresses and flats on T.V. [I also think she helped popularized flats, so from a 5’10” girl, I say THANK YOU!] 
 Here's why Jess is my spirit animal:

Yup. That’s me. In fact, I actually do say that, all the time. Being “normal” is boring and overrated. I like being weird. Weird is interesting. Weird is cool. Weird is fun and funny and everyone likes weird people because they’ve got depth and mystery. ..As long as it’s not like the weird kind of weird. You get it, I know you do. 

Yup. Also me. I’m sassy and on occasion (yes, that’s all I’m going to admit) kind of a brat. Jess gets that. She’s sweet but she has a sassy side. She can be sarcastic and cheeky, and I happen to LOVE that about her. (And myself…if I’m being honest here)

Basically this is me, during about  a week of every month. I feel like I could possibly go on a homicidal rampage at any moment. And I crave carbs. And Chocolate... Lots and lots of chocolate and carbs. She gets what it’s like to be a girl and she doesn’t shy away from it or try and pretend like she’s not affected by her hormones. A lot of us try to hide all that from other people, but I love how honest she is (and funny!). Just embrace being a girl, that’s what Jessica Day is all about.  

See. You just can’t (and shouldn’t) hide your crazy. It’s who you are. It’s why you have friends. People like other crazy people. You know why? Because we’re all a little crazy. Just embrace who you are and enjoy it! Plus, some super cute guy is going to find your singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-while-driving-with-the-windows-down charming. (If not, I’m totally screwed.) So own it!

"I'm going to die alone and Merry Christmas."
I feel like we are soul sisters. We’re often dramatic, but we’re true to our emotions. And we’re honest about the way we feel. So don’t roll your eyes when we say things like “I’m going to die alone!” or “This is the WORST day EVER!!” because in those moments, we mean it. And we feel it. So will someone please just bring me a piece of chocolate and a Jane Austin book or movie already!?!

And really, we've all been here...maybe more than we'd like to admit...

"[British accent] Mr. Darcy's going to love my new bonnet."
My best friends and I actually talk to each other in a British accent. Some people find it terribly annoying, but other people think it’s charming. (I wrote all that in a British accent too…just saying. I hope you heard it in your head like that!) But the most important part is that I don’t care! I like it. I do it. End of story. [We also find humor about 1800’s fictional characters to be HILARIOUS! Plus, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel of all time. So it's basically perfection.]

We know who we are. We know what we want in life. We’re career minded and we have friends and lives…but we don’t always have it together. Sometimes, we feel lost. Sometimes we realize that maybe the world we live in is something we’ve fabricated, something we’ve created for ourselves and we actually don’t know anything at all! Sometimes, we realize we’ve gone down the rabbit hole and we’re not entirely sure how to get back.

She makes me want to wear my glasses. I wear contacts all the time, but she makes me want to wear my glasses. Mostly because this is so something I would do. [In case you can’t remember this episode, she moves her glasses in and out like a cartoon character. And it’s fantastic.] And I actually say things like this all the time…

And this. How is this NOT me!?


She stands up for herself. She doesn't take any crap from people who make fun of her. She’s not afraid to be who she is. 
BTW- mine are “Finding Nemo”...and no, I don’t have kids…sooo…yeah.

And because I make this face too…probably too often.

Nothing makes me more emotional than puppies…especially small ones… and that dang SPCA commercial. Stupid Sarah McLaughlin and her “arms of the angels”… I cry every time.

"Help a brotha' out!"
And because I really do say things like this...much to the embarrassment of others..

Okay, this IS MY FACE. This is the face I always do, and it could mean several different things like “What did you say to me!?” or “You drank the last Diet Coke?!” or “I want to cry right now but I’m not allowing those traitorous tears to fall!” or “You are an extremely abnormal person and I don’t know how to respond to your comments”…

I don’t trust people who don’t like desserts- either their liars or something is seriously wrong in their heads…either way, it freaks me out.

I feel like this is a conversation I’ve had before… I love being a nerd and I love that she owns that. She’s quick witted too!

I definitely have my own theme song…and I also narrate things out loud, by song, on a daily basis. 

But ultimately I aspire to be this adorkable. [Okay, and I'm really jealous of her bangs...and her hair in general]

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