Thursday, July 17, 2014

The *BEST* Summer Movies to Enjoy NOW!

Truth time: I'm obsessed with movies. Seriously, I personally own 500+ movies and TV seasons. It's a sickness. Much like music, books, and makeup, when I love something, I collect it. I never just like something; I either love it or hate it and I don't feel anything in between. And I LOVE movies. Every genre. Cheesy chic flicks, classic, indies, western, rom-coms, action, horror, you name it, I love it! But there are certain movies and styles that are *PERFECT* for summer. In fact, if you haven't watched these yet, do so. Like now. Heck, call in sick (there's always an elusive "bug" going around!) and spend a day just enjoying the best of cinematic history! It's a great way to beat the triple digit temperatures and avoid a sunburn! :)

1. Dirty Dancing

Who doesn't love this movie, I mean honestly?! First of all, it takes place in the summer at a country club resort-type thing with hot dance instructors, I mean, come on! Second, it's like a right of passage. Baby goes from good girl to dirty dancer faster that you can say "I carried a watermelon!" And third of all, did I mention Patrick Swayze is the hot dance instructor?? The movie practically screams SUMMER

2. Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version)

I love this movie. Like any girl born between 1986-1990, I loved it when it came out and I haven't stopped loving it since. My favorite part of the movie is whole time they're at camp and they pull pranks on each other and then they're sent into isolation and there's this huge storm and Leo's picture gets blown off the wall and they eat Oreos dipped in peanut better and then they discover that they're twins! I mean, TWINS PEOPLE! I was (am?) so jealous because this was the dream. Go off to summer camp for a week and find out you had an identical twin sister that you could pull "switches" on everyone with! I mean, Hallie gets to go to England you guys! ENGLAND. Summer camp was NEVER as cool as that for me! Not to mention I always wanted a secret handshake like Annie's! 

3. The Goonies

A bunch of kids on an adventure filled with treasure, scary monsters and a pirate ship! Who could ask for anything more?! This is a classic for a reason! I love the friendship between the boys. Followed closely for this same slot would be "Stand by Me" and "Sandlot". 

4. Pirates of the Caribbean 

I LOVE this movie. The first one is obviously the best and I can never get sick of it, and I've seen it a thousand times, easy. When it first came out on DVD (in 2003!!!), I watched it every day for a week. And not just because Johnny Depp is and always has been my favorite actor (I watched Edward Scissorhands when I was a little girl and that sealed the deal for me), and not because it was always my favorite ride at Disneyland, but because it's funny, full of adventure, tropical locations and well, pirates

5. Independence Day (Or any Will Smith movie will do!)

Will Smith OWNS summer you guys. I mean really, it isn't summer unless you watch Mr. Smith save the world from one thing or another. And it doesn't have to be Independence Day (actually, I take that back, you SHOULD watch it on the 4th, or you're NOT an American.) But really, pick any Will Smith movie you want. It'll work. Trust me.

6. Jaws 

Nothing spells out S-U-M-M-E-R like a good old fashioned shark movie. Whether it's JAWS, Deep Blue Sea (Thomas Jane ya'll!) or any movie involving a scary beast in water, it will make you think twice the next time you're swimming in the middle of the ocean (or a lake) and someone starts driving the boat away from you and yelling  "just think of everything that could be swimming underneath your feet right now!" Not that a hold a grudge or anything. And not that it still traumatizes me or created a deadly fear of large bodies of water.

7. Grease 

I've got chills! They're multiplying! If you're in need of a summer musical, look no further. The best songs in any musical, the dancing, the John Travolta dressed as a greaser...I mean, everything about this movie/musical is perfection. And the best ending/song. EVER.

8. The Notebook (Or insert ANY Nicholas Sparks film here)

Nicholas Sparks' films/books are the same exact formula. Every time. And that's not a complaint. The man knows how to sucker us in more than Zac Efron's abs. Just saying. The formula is perfect: Hot boy (Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel, Channing Tatum or the OG Shane West) + cute likeable girl (Rachel McAdams, Mandy Moore, Amanda Seyfried) + summer love+ carnivals+small southern town+something depressing= insta hit. 

9. Indiana Jones

Everyone's got a favorite Indy, so I'm not going to even go there. Indy is great for summer because: 
A) Harrison Ford (I should be able to stop there and it would be all the reasoning you need) 
B) Exotic locations that you can't afford to actually travel to on summer vacation but you wish you could 
C) It's super fun and packed full of action, adventure, and comedy 
D) Well...Indiana Jones is both an action hero AND a hot professor...
He's the best of both worlds

10. Secret Window

I really LOVE this movie. Yes, Johnny is amazing, as always, but I also love Stephen King and this adaptation of the novella "Secret Window, Secret Garden" is great. If you haven't read it, you can find it in the compilation "Four Past Midnight". I suggest you bring it with you on your next camping/cabin trip. ;) In 2004 when we went camping we brought a portable DVD player and watched this movie in the middle of the woods with my Grandma (she loved scary movies!) and it was one of the best times of my life. Basically, in the summer aim for any movie that takes place in the woods. If you're really into scaring the crap out of yourself, watch them while you're there or right before you go. It'll terrify you that much more! 

Other horror films taking place in the woodsBlair Witch Project, Cabin Fever, Wrong Turn, Friday the 13th, Cabin in the your discretion, as always.  

Happy viewing!! 

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