Monday, August 4, 2014

23 Reasons why Emma Stone is the BEST!

Emma Stone is seriously one of my favorite people. If I could pick a celebrity to be my "best friend" that was actually my age, it would be either Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence. (or BOTH and my entire life would be complete! Just kidding. Sort of. But as I've already blogged about the reasons I love JLaw (here), I thought it would only be fair to also blog about my Stone love. Because THERE'S A LOT OF IT. She's so humble, down to earth, quirky and completely hilarious. I will always watch her movies because I have no doubt that she'll be amazing in anything she does. She's a great actress, but not just that, she's an excellent role model for younger girls.

23 Reasons why Emma Stone is the BEST: 

1. She has such a great outlook on life. She's always so positive and you know she'd always be the one to make you feel great about yourself when you're feeling down. She'd remind you that those things you hate about yourself are actually beautiful and make you, YOU.

2. The girl loves cheese. I mean, if this quote was all I knew of her, it would be enough. 

PS- Grilled cheese is like the number 1 best food in the world. Just sayin.

3. She understands me on a cellular level. She's goofy and fun and I think that we would probably have a freaking blast just flipping through magazines together, eating muddy buddies and gabbing all day.

4. Yup. See what I mean about understanding me? She's girlie and feminine without being overdone. She would understand my love of makeup and would never give me crap for wanting to put mascara on before we went out shopping on a Saturday afternoon. 

5. She calls her boyfriend "buddy", in the most charming way possible. I don't know why this is a reason, but it is. A good one

6. I completely agree with her, 100%. A woman who accept herself and LOVES herself exudes beauty, confidence and strength. That's something we can all aspire too, heaven knows it's not easy. And you can tell this comes from a real true place in her heart. She doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk too.

 7. She's such a free spirit, in the best possible way. I feel like her attitude would do me a world of good. She'd be the one to remind you when you get too panicky about the future to just relax and let the chips fall where they may. It's good to be responsible and have a plan but it's also good to let go and enjoy life without worrying about everything all the time.

8. See what I mean about being a role model? I couldn't agree with this any more. There is so much hate and negativity in the world, it's time we stand up and be a force of good positive energy and love. Our first instinct should be to build ourselves and each other up instead of tear down. This is the ultimate goal for me, this is the way WE change the world. I hope this is what our generation is remembered by. 

9. Emma Stone, ladies and gentleman. Who we actually are is the most important thing in the world. A lot of times we forget that our insides affect our outsides. We should stop placing so much emphasis on looking a certain way and put more effort into becoming better people.

10. Follow your heart. Go your own way. Trust yourself and be true to who you are. She's the type of friend who'd always be your cheerleader, no matter what. And we need people like this!

11. If I could hug or fist bump Emma for this statement, I would. We should treat ourselves the way we treat our BFFs/daughters/sisters! If everyone loved themselves, the world would be a better place. Proven. Fact. 

12. Because of this.

13. And a thousand times for this.

14. She understands and doesn't sugar coat how it feels to have your heart broken. Could she be more relatable than this??

15. She gives great advice! Listen to any interview with her and you'll understand. When you fall, you've got to learn how to pick yourself back up!

16. Because nothing is better than this gif.

17. Except this one.

18. And maaaaybe this one.

19. And probably this one.

20. But most DEFINITELY this one!!! She's the most gif-able celebrity there is and I couldn't love her MORE for it!! She just has the BEST facial expressions. EVER. 

21. I love when celebrities love to sleep, it makes them seem so real, so normal! Like, we can't all be Jennifer Aniston on the beach doing yoga at the crack of dawn. 

22. She empowers us to be exactly who we are and who we want to be. There are so many quotes like this from her, and that's a compliment. It seems to be 'her thing' and I'm so happy it is! 

23. But this is probably my FAVORITE thing about her. She's a wicked lip syncer and she's not afraid. She attacks it head on and because of that we get the BEST 7 minutes of TV, EVER. 

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