Wednesday, March 5, 2014

25 Things you can Only do with or Say to your Best Friend

Best friends are the best. That might not be the most poignant statement, but it is the truth. Best friends are what keep us happy, functioning, and well, sane. Without our besties, we'd be, well...I don't even want to think what we'd be like. They're essential to our day-to-day survival. They make life worth living. The bring out the best in us, they never try to change us, and they very well might be the only people on the planet that truly understand who we are. 

Naturally, there are things we can only say to or do with our BFF's. Things we wouldn't dream of anyone else knowing. Things like secret crushes, embarrassing dreams or the utter ridiculousness our clumsiness gets us into. Hypothetically, I've put a list together that I've been compiling for a while now...

1.  You go with them to see movies that you'd drop dead if anyone else found out you'd seen. And after, you both pretend to be babysitting the younger girls flocking towards the lobby. (Ehem...The Lizzy McGuire Movie in 2003)

2. You text them at 3 a.m. because you heard a noise and you're freaked out of your mind that it's a serial killer...and then again at 3:15 am because you realized it was just the tree branch outside.

3. You blast and sing 90's boy bands (Backstreet Boys, Nsync), girl groups (Spice Girls, Destiny's Child) and girl pop stars (Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilara) and of course, the early 2000's girl pop of Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson and Mandy Moore. They know the words too; they're not judging you for it, in fact, they're singing just as loud as you. And don't worry, they're doing the dance moves from the music videos right beside you! 

4. They're the only ones who know your schedule...and they bring you Ryan Gosling movies and Ben & Jerry's to boot! (Hey, they're probably even on you're schedule too) 

5. They know your dirty little secrets. They were the only one to know when you started loving Zac Efron (before his hunky Lucky One days, but OBVIOUSLY after his High School Musical stint) and they didn't shame you for it. Instead they sat beside you watching Charlie St. Cloud and 17 Again, and enjoyed it!

6. They're the ones you tell all your problems to- the first ones that hear when your crush texts you or your old flame calls you out of the blue or even when that cute boy in Math flirts with you. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING. ABOUT EVERYTHING. I mean, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. 

7. They go with you to by Spanx. Because only a best friend would. And they're the person you call when you're having a panic attack about not fitting into an old pair of jeans and remind you that you're beautiful and perfect the way you are.

8. They're the only one who'd tell you if you were going a little overboard with something/someone...and they're the only one you'd listen to anyways.

9. They're the only people that could've made the boring college classes fun- and usually got into trouble for laughing with you.

10. You do Mad Libs via text because you can't wait until the next time you see them.

11. In fact, every game you play (including Mad Libs) turns into inappropriate jokes that you use for years to come.

12. They're the only one you'd completely fall apart in front of. They're among a select few who have seen you cry and you know you can be vulnerable with them because they always take care of you.

13. You're completely comfortable sharing their bed (or vice versa) when you're over too late to drive home.

14. You're friends with their family, and call their parents by their first names. Heck, you're even Facebook friends with them.

15. They are the only one that still high-fives you when you come up with a witty insult.

16. You constantly share food, eat off each others plate (even at restaurants), or bring them snacks along with your own. Whatever is yours is theirs, and whatever is theirs is yours, there is no need to ask. 

17. You stay up until 4 am watching Princess Bride and recite the whole movie, word for word. And laugh your head off of course.

18. They know your looks...all of them. Vocal communication is trivial, you speak to them with just a look or a motion and they know exactly what you're saying.

19. They know your biggest fears and try to keep you away from them as much as possible. So when you literally run into a clown on the streets of downtown San Francisco, and you're stopped dead in your tracks paralyzed in fear, they grab your arm and pull you to safety. Because that's what BF's do.

20. They're the only person you'd tell after a record setting worst-blind-date-ever. Because no else EVER needs to know what kind of horror went down that night.  

21. In fact, they are the only one that knows that you set up your first online dating profile...and that's how it's going to stay.

22. They're the only person you can be a complete dork with and never feel out of place, because they're just as dorky as you are. 

23. They're the only person you could try on (and wear) wedding dresses with when you're not engaged, or in a serious relationship...or in any relationship.

24. People either think you're a couple or siblings because you're always together, always finishing each others sentences, hugging, or sharing food (but most likely, all three)!

25. You know you can fight with them and no matter what, they'll still love you and forgive you. 

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