Friday, March 7, 2014

Girl Problems: Long Hair Edition

Girls got problems. Let's face it, we do. We have a lot going on all the time. We definitely have a lot more required maintenance than boys do, between hair and makeup, from shaving to getting dressed, and everything else in between, we got problems. Lots of them. Things only other girls will understand, which on the bright side, is nice because it sort of unites us together. On the other can seriously suck.

Last week my BioPsych Lab group combined with a couple other groups to study for our major practical exam. During one of our study breaks, us girls got to talking about "girl problems", and long hair came up. Several of us have very long hair, so we were exchanging war stories, so to speak, and it got me thinking about all the problems you run into with long hair that other girls just don't have to worry about or consider. We were laughing so hard as we told our horror stories and everyone else looked at us like we were crazy. I figured, there have to be other girls out there that go through this too, right!? SO I started compiling my list...

Girl Problems: Long Hair Edition 

1. Wind. Just, everything about it.

2. Sitting on your hair or it getting stuck between your back and your chair so when you move your head, it pulls. Hard.

3. The tips dip into everything you're eating.

4. Your hair getting caught in the car window after you've rolled it up.

5. It takes FOREVER to dry.

6. Sometimes it gets caught in your arm pits. Seriously.

7. There's a possibility that if you sleep with your hair down, you'll wake up being strangled by it in the middle of the night.

8. Braiding or curling it gives you carpal tunnel or a massive shoulder problem.

9. You develop a phobia of scissors.

10. You have to have two towels after a shower, one specifically for your hair.

11. Always having to wear a hair tie around your wrist, just in case.

12. When you bend down to tie your shoes or pick something up, you can never see anything.

13. Backpacks.

14. It's everywhere. ALL.THE.TIME.

15. Going in to get a trim gives you anxiety.

16. People think it's a weave... just, no.

17. Putting your hair up in a pony tail (or any updo) gives you a headache and neck pain.

18. Driving with the windows down makes your hair look like you lost a fight with a tornado. Or a cheetah. 

19. Finding crumbles of food in your hair at the end of the day.

20. Never having enough time to style your hair because it takes so freaking long. Even brushing it takes FOR-EV-ER!

21. It constantly gets stuck in your lip gloss.

22. Working at at job where you have to wear a name tag...

23. Constantly clogging the shower drain.

24. Surviving the summer heat means your hair is going into a pony at all times...which also leads to #17.

 25. Whipping the person who sits behind you with your hair. This happens to me at school on a pretty regular basis. Or it's just on the desk and that's totally not cool.

26. This:

Us girls definitely have a lot we have to worry about. Long hair just adds a lot more (at least 26 more!) things to worry about, but somehow, we convince ourselves it's worth it. Because it is. And let's be honest, we look fabulous do it! :)  

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