Monday, March 10, 2014

Girl Problems: Tall Girl Edition

Girls got problems. Lots and lots of 'em. Yes, if you're experiencing deja vu it's probably because my last blog started out with that very same line. But the truth of the matter is that there were so many problems we run into as girls, I had to separate my blog into different "editions", so bear with me, there might be several of these babies rolling out. 

I'm a tall girl. I always have been. I'm the tallest girl in my family, and am only a tiny bit shorter than my brother. At 5'10", height was an advantage playing competitive sports. I was a goalkeeper (soccer) for 13 years and I can tell you that it definitely helped me out to be able to jump and reach the 8ft. tall goal posts. But I can also tell you that the taller you get, the further you are from the ground. That might sound like the most obvious statement, EVER. But think about it...when I fall, I have 5 ft and 10 inches to gain momentum before I hit the ground and that hurts a heck a lot more, trust me. 

But after I got too injured to play sports, my height turned from an advantage to a disadvantage... for so many reasons. This is for all those tall girls out there who know what it's like. And for everyone else, you can just laugh a long and be grateful it's not you! :)

Girl Problems: Tall Girl Edition 

1. You're taller than most of your friends...

2. You walk faster than all your friends because 1 of your strides equals 3 of theirs.

3. All the pretty high heels are a minimum of 3 inches high, which means your a MINIMUM of 6'1"... 

4. When people stand next to you and say "Wow, now I feel short!"

5. "YES, The weather is the same UP HERE, thank you very much!!"

6. Getting hit in the face by an umbrella.

7. Actually, always having to hold the umbrella because if anyone else does, you have to hunch over.

8. Always having to be the one to get stuff down off the top shelf for everyone.

9. Being scared to meet a guy in person because you don't know if they'll be shorter than you.

10. When you're in a crowd and your friends ask you to find someone because you can see over the top of everyone else. (Actually DOES come in handy at

11.  Was supposed to be a dress...on you it's a shirt...

12. When all they have is 'short' or 'regular' pants left.

13. People always think you're older than you are because of your height.

14. When you hug your short friends...around the neck...

15. Wearing flats and STILL being taller than everyone else.

16. Stretching and hitting your hands on the ceiling, fans, lights, etc.

17. You're always worried about people sitting behind you because you know they won't be able to see but you don't want to sacrifice your good seat either.

18. Always being in the back with the boys during pictures instead of upfront with your girlfriends.

19. Not being able to cross your legs when sitting at a desk.

20. Your feet hit the bottom of your bed and you always worry about the monsters getting them. 

21. "I can't sit there because my knees won't fit."

22. When you see another tall girl far away and think "Wow, is that what I look like to everyone else?" and then you catch up to her and realize that you're still taller than her...

23. For some unknown reason, tall guys like short girls... FML.

24. Airplane or sports' stadium seats.

25. "Wow, you're tall." REALLY!?! I DIDN'T NOTICE!!

26. Getting assigned the bottom locker, and the girl that get's the top is a whole FOOT shorter than you.

27. Trying to take a bath.

28. All the cute short dresses that are an appropriate length on everyone else don't even cover your butt.

29. When people think it's okay to comment on how tall you are but get upset when you comment on how short they are.

30. Boys (men) STILL haven't caught up to you.

31. Trying to use a public restroom but when you sit down, you're knees hit the door so you're forced to employ the 'hover method'. 

32. Meeting someone while your sitting, and then when watching their surprised reaction when you stand up.

33. Awkwardly leaning or hunching in pictures so that you don't look like a foot taller than everyone else.

34. Giving shorter guys hugs can be awkward because of the boob-to-face you opt for a side hug instead.

35. Short people saying "I wish I was you're height" when all you want to be is theirs.

36. Someone sending you a link to "Tall Girl Problems"...  ;)

Being tall can be great but for the most part, it's rough. I know people will say to just not care what other people think, but those people are probably the perfect height of 5'7", so I really don't want to hear it. Sure, height isn't everything, but unless you're a model, being tall can get really irritating. But in the end, you can't change who you are, so just embrace it...or at least laugh about it! Wear those beautiful high heels anyway! (I definitely do!!) And kick anyone in the shins who comments about how tall you are. ;)

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